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Plants vs Zombies Achievements Guide

Plants vs Zombies Achievements

Plants vs Zombies Achievements

We all know Popcap Video games designs nice video games. Turns out like you’ll be able to’t get on an aircraft at the moment with out see any person enjoying Bejeweled or Crops vs Zombies.

Whilst their video games at all times appear to characteristic nice characters, an excellent storyline, and addictive gameplay, they’re additionally recognized for 2 different issues: Easter eggs and in-game achievements.

We’ve taken the time to place in combination a complete achievements information for the Sport of the Yr version of Crops vs Zombies.

Every of the achievements indexed displays the sport icon and a short lived description of what’s required to earn it.

Sport of the Yr Version Achievements Information

The next record is a comprehension information to all achievements to be had throughout the Sport of the Yr version of Crops vs. Zombies.

Better Off Dead AchievementBetter Off Dead Achievement

Higher Off Useless

Consume the brains of ten zombies consecutively in I, Zombie Unending to earn the Higher Off Useless Fulfillment.

Spudow! AchievementSpudow! Achievement


Blow up a number of zombies the use of a Potato Mine to earn the Spudown! Fulfillment.

Morticulturalist AchievementMorticulturalist Achievement


Acquire all 49 crops to be had within the recreation (this comprises the crops from Loopy Dave’s store) to earn the Morticulturalist Fulfillment.

Roll Some Heads AchievementRoll Some Heads Achievement

Roll Some Heads

Bowl down five zombies with a unmarried Wall-nut to earn the Roll Some Heads Fulfillment.

Zombologist AchievementZombologist Achievement


Uncover the name of the game Yeti zombie to earn the Zombologist Fulfillment.

Sunny Day AchievementSunny Day Achievement

Sunny Day

Acquire 8000 solar right through a degree to earn the Sunny Day Fulfillment.

Good Morning AchievementGood Morning Achievement

Just right Morning

Effectively entire any sunlight hours stage whilst planting handiest Mushrooms and Espresso Beans to earn the Just right Morning Fulfillment.

Beyond The Grave AchievementBeyond The Grave Achievement

Past The Grave

Effectively beat all 20 mini video games to earn the Past The Grave Fulfillment.

Towering Wisdom AchievementTowering Wisdom Achievement

Towering Knowledge

Develop your Tree of Knowledge to 100 toes or extra to earn the Towering Knowledge Fulfillment.

Nobel Peas Prize AchievementNobel Peas Prize Achievement

Nobel Peas Prize

Earn the golden Sunflower trophy right through gameplay to earn the Nobel Peas Prize Fulfillment.

China Shop AchievementChina Shop Achievement

China Store

Reach a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Unending to earn the China Store Fulfillment.

Explodonator AchievementExplodonator Achievement


Damage 10 full-sized zombies with one Cherry Bomb to earn the Explodonator Fulfillment.

Don't Pea In The Pool AchievementDon't Pea In The Pool Achievement

Don’t Pea In The Pool

Effectively entire any sunlight hours pool stage with out the use of any Peashooters to earn the Don’t Pea In The Pool Fulfillment.

Grounded AchievementGrounded Achievement


Effectively entire any commonplace roof stage with out the use of catapult crops to earn the Grounded Fulfillment.

Penny Pincher AchievementPenny Pincher Achievement

Penny Pincher

Acquire 30 cash on a row in a single stage with none disappearing to earn the Penny Pincher Fulfillment.

Popcorn Party AchievementPopcorn Party Achievement

Popcorn Birthday celebration

Damage 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in one stage to earn the Popcorn Birthday celebration Fulfillment.

No Fungus Among Us AchievementNo Fungus Among Us Achievement

No Fungus Amongst Us

Effectively entire any midnight stage with out planting any mushroom crops to earn the No Fungus Amongst Us Fulfillment.

Immortal AchievementImmortal Achievement


Live to tell the tale 20 waves of zombie assaults to earn the Immortal Fulfillment.

Mustache Mode AchievementMustache Mode Achievement

Mustache Mode

Flip Mustache mode directly to earn the Mustache Mode Fulfillment.

Steam Version Fulfillment Additions

The next record displays the achievements which can be distinctive to the Steam allotted model of Crops vs. Zombies.

Cryptozombologist AchievementCryptozombologist Achievement


Uncover the name of the game Yeti zombie (the non-Steam Sport of the Yr version calls this the Zombologist Fulfillment)

Disco is Undead AchievementDisco is Undead Achievement

Disco is Undead

Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie to earn the Disco is Undead Fulfillment

Achievements on Different Platforms

It will have to be famous this record of Crops vs Zombies Achievements are distinctive to the Sport of the Yr Version of the sport for PC and Mac gaming platforms. Different achievements are to be had for the Nintendo DS, the XBox 360, and all iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod) variations of the sport

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